My name is Jack Miller. I own along with my wife, Mary, and Sharla Dupuis Aspen Hearth & Home. We have owned that business for approximately five years. Our motto is service above all. And we believe that is the most important thing that we can offer to a customer.

Well, most of our sales are in the are of wood stoves and fireplaces. We sell both to builders and to consumers. In the spring we supplement that with patio furniture and outdoor plants and concrete statuaries.

The product technology has improved significantly in the last five years. These products are much more efficient than they were ten years ago. I go out and look at the site and then we suggest a product and then we schedule an installation with our installation people.

We have two people who are certified on gas so they can expect a hands-on approach from us. From the time I look at it to the time that the installers get there and tell them what they’re going to do, explain the process and about how long it’s going to take. We try to make it a pleasant experience, most of these are put in one day. And when we finish the job, we leave. They absolutely clean up after themselves when they finish the job.

Why should someone to Aspen and shop with us?

I’ve been in this business for fifty years. And Sharla has been in it now for fifteen years.  So we have sixty years of combined experience.  So you can count on somebody having the knowledge that will help you with whatever your situation is if you come to Aspen Heart & Home.

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